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Take a trip to Naked City! We are brand new to Killeen, and you can bet we are the hottest Full Nude BYOB 18 & up club you’ve ever been to!

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Naked City is Killeen’s ultimate destination club. Not only are we the largest club in the area, we offer amenities unmatched locally. We are a Bring Your Own Booze venue, so you can save your singles for where they’re really needed. We also have VIP bottle service and stage side seating for an intimate dance experience. It’s everything you need for a perfect night on the town.

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We encourage audience participation in our events and theme nights, and we even offer prizes for customers during our specialty nights so you get back even more than you give. Our live entertainers have something for everybody, from aerial silks to enthralling lyra dances.

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Come on down to Naked City where the real party is just getting started. Now open to everyone 18 and up in Killeen!

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